English FAL Grade 6 Graded Readers


Bad news
More questions and answers
Wonders of nature

Bad News

ISBN: 978-1-4305-2664-3

More Questions and Answers

ISBN: 978-1-4305-2665-0


ISBN: 978-1-4305-2666-7

Wonders of Nature

ISBN: 978-1-4305-2667-4

More natural disasters
The challenge
The human body


ISBN: 978-1-4305-2668-1

More Natural Disasters

ISBN: 978-1-4305-2669-8

The Challenge

ISBN: 978-1-4305-2670-4

The Human Body

ISBN: 978-1-4305-2671-1

The test
Great leaders
The race
Great inventors

The Test

ISBN: 978-1-4305-2672-8

Great Leaders

ISBN: 978-1-4305-2673-5

The Race

ISBN: 978-1-4305-2674-2

Great Inventors

ISBN: 978-1-4305-2675-9

English FAL Grade 6 Graded Readers. Books @ R82.72 per booklet. Available in English (First Additional Language).